Filmmaking Showcase: NYP

Native Youth Program (NYP)

One of the ways in which the NYP is continuing to evolve and make its programming more relevant to youth it through the use of digital media as a way to help them express their personal issues surrounding identity. They have been creating short films and vlogging since 2011.

Who I (really) am, short film series

During the 2011 NYP summer program one of the projects that the students participated in was the creation of a short film exploring their own ideas surrounding urban Aboriginal identity. The students had the amazing opportunity to work with video artist Josh Hite who helped them develop their ideas and gave continuos feedback on their films. They also learned how to operate HD cameras, how to edit in Imovie, Iphoto, how to storyboard and participated in many discussions revolving around the idea of art, copyright, personal identity and storytelling.



If you are interesting in watching the rest of the films from the 2011 series, Who I (really) am please click below for the link to their website.

Who I (really) am


The NYP also has a lot of fun each year creating Vlogs and talking about their experiences in the program.