Chicago, USA: NAEA 2016

National Art Education Association Conference

March 2016

Francine Cunningham. Kit Grauer. Jill Baird, Juan Carlos Castro, Mellisa Ledo, Jethro Gillespie all traveled to Chicago, Illinois for the annual art teacher conference. Kit. Jill and Fran each presented on book chapters they had written in conjunction with NAEA Transforming our Practices which focused on Indigenous pedagogy. The turn out for that event was a packed house and we were really excited to be able to share our research from the past four years with teachers from across the globe.

Also, Francine, Kit and Jill gave a presentation on the impact of Indigenous teaching methods and how we are tracking that impact through social media. This presentation also had a great turn out.

Juan presented on the new book Youth practices in digital arts and new media: Learning in formal and informal settings in which there are a number of chapters written by Juan, Ching and Kit about the research project.

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