Filmmaking Showcase: GIFTS

Gulf Island Film and Television School (GIFTS)

If you are interested in watching films from the last few years that have been produced by the participants at GIFTS please click the link for their YouTube page.

GIFTS YouTube Page

The Bully Files (GIFTS)

In particular, Natalie LeBlanc has been focusing on The Bully Files. She is in the process of writing a paper on bullying and social emotional learning (SEL) by focusing on the experiences of two youths who participated in “The Bully Files”. Drawing on intervention strategies, or ways in which schools, parents and communities can become involved in order to help support youth affected by bullying, her paper explores how youth participatory programs such as GIFTS have positive effects on students’ social emotional learning (SEL) by specifically addressing the emotional strains that bullying brings forth. Methods for which art educators can support youth encountering bullying are also being addressed.

“A World so Hateful”

“Blink Again”

“Janus’ Face”