San Diego, CA : NAEA 2014

Spark: Fusing Innovative Teaching & Emerging Technologies
2014 National Art Education Association (NAEA) National Convention, San Diego, CA.

Kit Grauer, Martin Lalonde, Juan Castro, and Anna Ryoo travelled to San Diego and gave a presentation on two of the CoT research sites. The title of the presentation was Citizens of tomorrow: Social transformation through urban youth media arts practice. The slides from our presentation are available on our website for anyone who interested in knowing more.​ (Anna Ryoo)

“The importance of the NAEA for Canadian Art educators and researchers is unavoidable. It plays the role of the official or main research-professional platform where many Canadians go in order to connect with the North American research scene. For me it was the second time I was able to attend this conference, so the fact that I was able to go to represent the C.O.T. platform was a big addition to my graduate student training.

During this congress, I was able to contact many researchers and faculty members from various Academic institutions in order to expand the theoretical background on which the C.O.T. researches are based. It was also the occasion to identify the latest studies addressing the contribution of the community sector’s developments to formal educational context. The Canadian context presents a considerable alternative to the private models founded in many states of the USA. This is why, results out of studies like C.O.T. are of great interests in USA where bottom up, local or independent initiatives are not developed in the same ways as it is in Canada.

Once again, since the NAEA congress is such a must for North American art education developers, it was the occasion for me to discover key foundational contributors and institutions that were of great influence even in the distinct francophone context of Quebec. The structure of the congress, the various awards and special lectures that are held are an indirect way for researcher out of non anglophone culture, like me, to revisit and discover important researcher and authors that have been influential for the field of Art Education in North America.” (Martin Lalonde)




Kit Grauer giving a NAEA Higher Education Award Lecture

Exhibition hall

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