Banff, Canada: CMA 2015

Canadian Museum’s Association 2015 national conference: Public engagement not a trend, but the future. 

April 2015

Francine Cunningham and Jill Baird travelled to Banff Alberta to give a presentation entitled How to teach hard topics: the Native Youth Program and Indian Residential Schools as a case study along with Naomi Sawada from the UBC Belkin Art gallery. As part of their presentation they talked about public and youth engagement with tough issues and how to use art based practices as a way in. Digital media and self expression through digital media is something we have noticed consistently in our research as a way for youth to approach hard topics like residential school. The slides from our presentation are available on our website for anyone who interested in knowing more.


Citizens of Tomorrow, experiences at CMA 2015 conference

“Being able to engage with other art educators and public programmers from various institutions who are all, at this moment, also trying to grapple with the same issues of public and youth engagement in regards to hard, unrepresented and truthful points in Canadian history was enlightening.” (Francine Cunningham)






Almost all the BC delegates


Francine wandering around Banff


Jill Baird


View from the pool. 

Jill Baird, Francine Cunningham, Naomi Sawada giving their presentation.

Jill Baird, Francine Cunningham, Naomi Sawada giving their presentation.


After presentation afternoon tea.